Campo do Porral, Escolha 2016

Vinho Verde

Concept. To produce a classic Vinho Verde, fresh and easy to drink, but expressing the terroir and the character of grape varieties.

Technology. Grapes are crushed, de-stemmed, gently pressed and the must is naturally decanted for 48 hours, and then fermented in stainless vats, at 18 ºC, maintaining little residual sugar.  After racking the wine is kept in stainless vats until it is gently filtered and bottled with low Sulphur dioxide.

Tasting notes. It is a delightful wine with an elegant nose, soft and long palate, and clean and fresh finish.  It is an easy drinking wine due to its roundness and mouth filling.

Profile. To be drunk when young but due to its acidity and structure it can age for a few years.

How to drink. Serve at 8 ºC. Best with a snack or light fish courses. Also very good as aperitif.

Analytical data:
Alcohol – 11.5 % (vol.); pH – 3.14
Total acidity – 7.10 gr/L (tartaric ac.);

Grape varieties: Loureiro, Trajadura

Number of bottles: 20 000

Technical File