Quinta do Ermízio

Quinta do Ermízio is located 8 km far from Guimarães historic centre, a city well known for important monuments and convenient hotels and restaurants.


The Quinta is deeply rooted in Portuguese History. According to a XII Century manuscript the Quinta name probably goes back to Dominus Ermigius, a nobleman of the court of King Afonso Henriques, the firs king of Portugal.


The location is of a luxuriant beauty. The vineyards extend from river Ave valley uphill to Bouça do Saraiva and form an amphitheatre facing East and South.


The 15 hectares of vineyards are dispersed in various land plots with different soil types and exposure originating a mosaic of ecological niches. Granitic soils have medium to coarse texture and are well drained.


The “Casa Velha do Sobrado” is a good architectural example of a Minho farmhouse with the living zone on the first floor, the long veranda, and the “loja”, wine cellar and stable on the ground floor. It was used in the old days as “County Curral”.



The “espigueiro” keeps the memory of time when corn was grown in the Quinta. Corn ears were sun dried at the yard and then hand-husked in the evening while people were singing traditional folk songs. Finally cleaned ears were kept in the “espigueiro”, where low-humidity and adequate ventilation preserved ears until next year crop.


The wine cellar was built in 1984, it is certificated HACCP and adequately equipped for a rigorous grape processing. Wine making methods are aimed to respect grape characteristics and to evidence differences among grape varieties and vineyard soil types.