Quinta do Ermízio has been producing wines for many generations.  The wine style has evolved along the time but the passion for making serious wines is maintained. The unique Alvarinho wines, internationally recognised, are our best kept secret


 We believe that wine profile and character is originated in the vineyard. Wine-making technology in the winery serves only to enhance the characteristics that already exist in the grapes and to carve the house style on the wines.

Wine making is minimalist with no use of oak or low temperature fermentation with the objective of expressing the Terroir and engraving the character of soil, climate and grape variety on the wine.
The wines show difference from vintage to vintage but the style is maintained along the years.

We produce wines discrete in the nose, fresh and mouth feeling that improve in the bottle with the time. Quinta do Ermízio wines are designed to be drunk with no hurry, accompanying a good conversation and matching a wide range of food.


Alvarinho grapes in Quinta do Ermízio produce wines with a unique minerality and elegant freshness. Vinha da Bouça, single Alvarinho, and Vinha do Cuco, Alvarinho-Loureiro, have been internationally awarded and keep secrets that it is worth discovering.

Bottle ageing

Those who might think that our wines because are from Vinho Verde region must be drunk very young will have a big surprise with Quinta do Ermízio. Our wines age very well and are usually better the following year and last for many and good years in bottle.

A vertical tasting of wines from 1998 to 2013  admired a group of experienced tasters. First we let wine to breath for at least one hour to oxygenize and develop the bouquet. Then it was time to notice the differences between vintages and to appreciate the evolution along the time. The 1999, 2002, 2008 and 2010 were memorable by its freshness and complexity. It is just a pity that there are so few bottles left.