Vinha da Bouça, 2018

Vinho Regional Minho

Concept. The grapes are grown in Bouça vineyard, a distinctive ecological niche located in the upper part of Quinta do Ermízio, hand-harvested at ideal ripening and processed with minimum intervention to preserve ‘Alvarinho’ and terroir character.

The vintage. 2018 produced regular grapevine growth until the end of July. August was dry and cool, especially at night, inducing slow berry ripening with good acidity and aromatic compounds. Early September was warm and dry allowing the grapes to complete ripening and to be harvest at the right maturity with no rain.

Technology. Grapes are crushed, de-stemmed, gently pressed and the must is naturally decanted and then fermented in stainless vats, at 18 ºC, until there is no residual sugar.  After racking the wine is kept in contact with fine lies for two months, filtered with no cold treatment and bottled with low sulphur dioxide.

Tasting notes. A different and very mineral Alvarinho. Delicate bouquet combined with soft and fresh palate developing fruit and mineral hints. Good structure and mouth-feeling with a long a clean finish. This is a wine with a refreshingly and harmonious aftertaste that requires some time to be fully understood

Profile. Pleasant wine while young, which will improve with ageing in bottle by developing  more complex aromas and a classic roundness.

How to drink. Serve at 10 ºC directly from the bottle and follow the evolution of the wine in the glass. Best when accompanying cooked fish, white meat or cheese.

Awards. Gold medal at the international contest “Albarinos al Mundo” for the 2011, 2013 and 2016 vintages.

Analytical data:
Alcohol – 13.0 % (vol.); pH – 3.1
Total acidity – 6.80 gr/L (tartaric ac.);

Grape variety: Alvarinho (100%)

Number of bottles: 10 000

Technical File