Quinta do Ermízio has been producing wine for many generations. The style has evolved over time, but the passion for making a serious wine remains. The wines of the Alvarinho variety, internationally recognized, are our secret to unravel!


We believe that wine is made in the vineyard. The technology of the winery serves only to preserve and circumvent the qualities of the grapes.

Winemaking is minimalist, without contact with wood or fermentation at low temperatures, thus respecting and valuing the “terroir” and printing to wines the character of the grape variety, soil and climate.

So there are differences in wines from year to year, but the character remains. The wines are discreet in the nose, fresh and long in the mouth, evolving sumptuously in bottle.

They are made to drink slowly, follow a good conversation and show what they are worth in front of an exquisite and varied cuisine.


In Quinta do Ermízio the Alvarinho variety gives rise to wines that surprise us by the freshness and minerality. The Vinha da Bouça, only from Alvarinho, and the Vinha do Cuco, from Alvarinho and Loureiro, have been awarded internationally and keep secrets worth discovering.

Evolution in bottle

Those who think that Vinho Verde is only good as long as it is young and fruity will have a big surprise with the wines of Quinta do Ermízio, which evolve well in bottle and are better the following year or even past many good years.

A vertical tasting of the 1998-2013 harvests was a pleasant surprise. First, you must allow the wines to breathe for at least half an hour so that contact with oxygen gradually develops the aromas. Then pay attention to the differences between harvests and appreciate the evolution of wines over time. The 1999, 2002, 2008 and 2010 are perhaps the ones that remain most in memory. It’s too bad there are too few bottles already!