Campo do Porral, Escolha, 2021

Vinho Verde

Concept. Make a Vinho Verde with ripe grapes, vinified with great rigor, but in a minimalist way, so that the wine expresses the characteristics of the grape varieties and the place of production, and maintains the style of a classic Vinho Verde.

The harvest. The year 2019 had an early brable and a rapid initial growth of the vines. Flowering, with hot and dry weather allowed, the uniform revenge of the bunches. Maturation was slow initially but the heat at the end of August led to a balanced ripening of the grapes and allowed the harvest before the equinox rains.

Technology. Crushing with total desengace of the grapes, followed by gentle pressing and natural decanting for 48 hours. Fermentation at 18 °C, in stainless steel vat, followed by transfer. Tight filtration and bottling with little sulfur.

Proof notes. It is a wine captivating by the floral aroma and notes of citrus fruits. It surprises by the freshness in the mouth, freshness and long finish. An aromatic wine that is not only to smell, because being soft and enveloping you want to keep it in your mouth and continue to drink it.

Profile. It is better when drunk young, but as it has structure and acidity evolves well in the bottle. The following year the floral aromas evolve to more complex aromas that are worth enjoying.

Like Drinking. Serve at 8-10 °C. Great to accompany fish or seafood dishes, to drink as an aperitif or to accompany a snack on a hot summer afternoon.

Analytical data:
Alcohol – 11.5 % (vol.); pH – 3.2
Total acidity – 7.0 g/L (tartaric acid)

Grape varieties: Laurel and Trajan

Number of bottles: 30 000