The Quinta owns 15 hectares of vineyards organized by grape varieties in the various combinations of soil type and exposure with the objective of individualizing distinctive ecological niches where grapes acquire unique characteristics.

Main grape varieties are Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura. Vines are trained in single cordon with shoot positioning to reduce plant vigour and to give the berries adequate sunlight exposure.


Vineyard soil receives no cultivation so that nutrients from the decay of leaves, pruning wood and wild vegetation are recycled into the soil, which also contributes to soil organic matter stability and carbon sequestration.

We apply integrated protection methods in pest and disease management using biological control as much as possible in order to preserve ecological equilibrium.


Grape picking

Grapes are hand-picked at the right time of the season, with careful selection of clusters in the vineyard, to reach optimum balance between sugars and acids. Grapes are rapidly transported to the winery in small containers and immediately processed.

The grapes from different varieties and vineyard plots are individually processed producing a high number of elementary wines. These wines can be bottled on their own to get maximum expression of a certain terroir or can be blended to produce wines more consistent according to Quinta style and character.